2023-10-25 09:08:30All new U-Boat is coming!

Welcome to Neverland Hobby, our brand might be a new player in the hobby world. However, our team with over a decade experice in the industry, have designed and manufactured some of the popular kits still running strong on market. 

1/144 Kriegsmarine U-Boat U-96 "Das U-Boot" the first product from Neverland Hobby. As a well known subuject amount fans, the type VII u-boat will be persent in a refrashing new way by Neverland Hobby. 

The large scale brings a large size. Different from the common scale, the length of nearly 50cm will not only bring a stronger visual impact, but also have vivid details beyond the small scale.

This is a snap kit, no gule and no painting needed, strong structure.Enjoy the fun of assembling models without complicated preparation.

Maybe the snap kit is not serious enough in the eyes of some one, but the details of this kit are not inferior to those "high-level models" that use glue. The four torpedo launch tubes in the bow can be selected into a combat style, and there are special effects parts to simulate the scene of the moment of torpedo launch, which is full of presence.

Our manufacturer has rich experience in precision mould manufacturing and has produced a lot of WWI propeller kits for a New Zealand hobby brands. We will povide a smooth building experience even with complicated kit structure.

A large scale can show more details of this German weapon, such as the rivets on the hull, and other details. With the embellishment of these details, your collection will have a more layered mechanical texture, which can't be dissipated by small-scale models.

All these can be easily owned without long production time or advanced production skills. We will try our best to help you enjoy the assembly process. Neverland Hobby 1/144Kriegsmarine U-Boat U-96 "Das U-Boot" is now in the test shot phase. Coming soon and coming more!